8 More Ways You Can Love Your Family While You’re Still In School (And Beyond)

When you’re still in school, life can become full and the people we love most can start to feel neglected. And yet, we want to honor God’s call to ‘love our [very closest] neighbor as ourselves’ (Matthew 22:38).

How do we do it well?

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This is the final post of a four-part guest post series for the Emerging Scholars Network‘s (ESN) blog, a terrific resource for connecting your life in Christ with your academic or professional training.

In Part 1 I explore the real reason we struggle so fiercely to balance our time at home with our academic work or professional training.  Part 2 tackles 3 specific, common issues behind that core struggle so we can fight against it more successfully.  In Part 3, I share 7 practical ways we can love our families (or anyone) while we’re still in school.  (Hint: most of these apply even when you’re out in the working world, too.)

To wrap the series up, I share 8 more practical ways you can make space to love your spouse and kids while you’re still in school.  (Or, just have a full, busy life.)

What did I miss?  I’d love to hear your own ideas in the comments section.