10 Articles On The Refugee Crisis & Executive Order

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Historically, good dinner table etiquette has always steered away from the topics of religion and politics. With the recent executive order on refugees, we may need to add a third that involves both: how our government – and Christians – should handle the current refugee crisis.

As anyone not living under a rock now knows, the recent executive order by President Trump and the response has been deeply polarizing, even among Christians.  I’m witnessing heated exchanges on social media, while others are taking a break from it for that very reason.

While all this can be overwhelming, it’s my conviction that every follower of Christ needs to care about this issue.  Jesus, after all, was himself a refugee (Matthew 2:13-18).  Although not all of us will be called to the same level of involvement, we ought to be engaged as God leads.

In the next month or so, I hope to write my own post on this topic, but in the meantime here are some articles to continue the conversation.  As a disclaimer, I’m not saying I agree with everything they contain. Hopefully, though, they will help you deepen your own thinking and heart for those who can no longer live in the place they call home.

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