Hi, I'm Bryan.  Ever wish you could find balance and be more intentional with the people and priorities God is calling you to?  

Well, you can, even when your plate is full and you feel overwhelmed. I reached out to leaders like Francis Chan & Dave Harvey to see how they do it.  They shared their personal responses with me (and you) in this free ebook.  With God's help, you can make real progress  without getting overwhelmed.

About Me

The Stoudt Family

I'm Bryan Stoudt, and my passion is helping Christians connect their faith with their everyday lives.  Not the lives we wish we had, but the real ones God has given us.  Where we fail, and struggle to love the Lord and the people around us.  This is where God meets us.  On a personal note, I have an amazing wife, Sharon, and four wonderful children.  In my spare time I enjoy writing, running and roasting my own coffee.

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