So... you want to date - and marry - a godly woman someday. But are you really ready for that?

It's not enough to just go to church, have your devotions and think it'll all work out. You need a solid, biblical plan. 

Watch the video above to find out why I decided to create a course that helps Christian guys know they're ready to date, lead and marry a godly woman. And, avoid all the heartache that comes with just hoping it'll all work out.

Paul Miller

Young men desperately need close discipling, like never before...

Young men desperately need close discipling, like never before. Our culture tempts them and then trashes them. The result? We have a whole generation of young men who are defeated by life and don't have a vision for manhood. Bryan Stoudt's course, "How To Prepare for Marriage" pulls them away from the junk food that the church so often offers and gives them the thick steak of a disciplined, courageous life grounded in the gospel and Scripture. I highly recommend this course.

paul e. miller // Author of A Praying Life & J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life

Dave Harvey

Marriage: there are few things more consequential to life for which people are less prepared...

Marriage. There are few things more consequential to life for which people are less prepared. Bryan Stoudt gets the problem. And he has created some exceptional content to help! I seriously wish this stuff were around when Kimm and I tied the knot 38 years ago, but I’m glad it’s available to you now. Do your upcoming marriage a big favor and enroll today! Let Bryan guide you through this biblical, practical course.

dave harvey  //  Author Of When Sinners Say I Do & I Still Do // RevDaveHarvey.Com

The Usual Way Christian Guys Get Ready For Dating & Marriage Doesn't Work

Are you taking the 'it'll all work out' approach?

Most Christian guys want to marry a godly woman someday. If you're reading this, you're probably one of them. 😉

You dream about what it would be like to live life with a woman who shares your commitment to Christ. Someone you can encourage to pursue him. Someone who will challenge you to do the same. 

You think about what it would be like to serve your neighbors and a world in need. To enjoy hobbies and common interests together. To raise a family that honors God. And - let's be honest - be physically intimate with. 

All of these are good, legitimate desires that honor God when they're pursued with love for him and others.

A godly wife and great marriage are some of God's greatest gifts this side of heaven. 

As Proverbs puts it, 'An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.' (31:10-11)

Going to church + doing your devotions + wishful thinking = bad idea.

But, too often Christian guys think getting ready for dating and marriage will 'just happen'. That they can just go to church, do their devotions and - somehow - when the time is right, they'll meet 'The One', get married, and live happily ever after. [Dance music plays as champagne sprays, and confetti falls all around you.]

I'm not questioning their motives. Or the value of faithfully attending church or doing devotions. These are all important, even essential, parts of what it means to follow Jesus. 

But they are not (nearly) enough to prepare you for dating or marriage. 

You don't have to start from square one like I did.

I found this out the hard way when I started dating my wife, Sharon. 

In the past, we had a great friendship. We were able to talk for hours about everything - the Lord, people we were praying for, and our passion for professional football. #GoEagles

We had an amazing chemistry. We both loved the Lord and serving others.

It was all so easy, so I figured that would just continue after we started dating. I mean, why wouldn't it?

But I was wrong.

All of a sudden conversations became more sensitive. We had a lot more disagreements. And I started to realize I had no idea how to provide leadership - or what I was really doing - in our relationship.

I was unprepared, and I hadn't even known it. 

It took me (and my wife) 3 really challenging years of marriage - and lots of biblical counseling - to turn things around.

And, with God's amazing grace and patience, we did. 

It's far from perfect, but today people tell us we have a great marriage. And we have the privilege of providing premarital and marriage counseling and coaching to lots of young couples. Couples that continue to thrive well after their wedding.

But many other couples don't fare so well. In fact, with just a little effort, I thought of over 30 other Christian marriages I know personally that didn't make it. 

Many other couples don't end up getting married, but experience a ton of disappointment and heartache along the way. Stuff that stays with them, and makes it hard to have confidence that the next relationship can be different.

I don't want that for you!

I want to give you a huge head start by sharing what God has taught me. (Often the hard way.) What I would tell my younger self if I could do it all over again.

And, what has worked well for guys I've had the privilege of mentoring in 20 years of ministry.

The bottom line: you're probably far less prepared for dating, and a godly, healthy marriage, than you think. That's where How To Prepare For Marriage comes in.

Scott LaPierre

Few things in life are more important than preparing for marriage

Few things in life are more important than preparing for marriage. The amount of marriage counseling I perform as a pastor reveals that many people have not prepared well enough. There is no online course that I recommend more highly than Bryan's. You will be blessed by his biblical approach, his heart for you, and his concern for your marriage to be everything God desires.

Scott LaPierre // Pastor & Author, Marriage God's Way //

Chad Hall, Coach Approach Ministries

Too many men try to prepare for dating and marriage alone

As a coach to leaders, I work with guys who want great relationships but don’t know what it takes. Too many men try to go it alone only to realize (too late!) that they should have sought support from someone like Bryan, who is a gifted and effective coach. If you want healthy dating and marriage relationships, Bryan can help.

chad hall  //  Master Certified Coach; President & Co-Founder, Coach Approach Ministries

How To Prepare For Marriage: A Solid, Biblical Approach.

The How To Prepare For Marriage online course is divided into 4 modules of content (with 26 total video lessons), and worksheets for each lesson. Every module focuses on one time-tested component that will help you know you're ready to date, lead and (someday) marry a godly woman.


Module 1: Pursue God Above All Else

As guys, we 'know' that we should 'seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,' (Matthew 6:33) and trust that he will bless us with a godly woman at the right time. But in practice, we often switch those priorities - with disastrous results. Through 6 videos, this module will show you why pursuing God - and the gospel - first is absolutely critical and how to practically do it so that you pursue dating on a Rock Solid foundation: God Himself.


Module 2: Become A Godly Man

There's so much confusion today about what it means to be a man. Let alone a godly man. And in today's culture, men are often viewed as incompetent or domineering. No wonder guys feel lost inside of a relationship. Through 7 video lessons, this module will provide a clear definition of biblical manhood, identify its 3 key responsibilities, and show you how to live them out. 


Module 3: Engage In Biblical Community

We're made for rich, biblical community. But in practice, we either idolize or resist it. And sometimes both. Through 6 video lessons, this module explores why community is essential, 2 places we must pursue it, and how to overcome 5 common obstacles that get in our way. Engaging in biblical community is the best way to prepare for the smaller community of a healthy marriage.


Module 4: Overcome Sexual Sin & Pursue Purity

Sexual sin and temptation comes at guys today from every direction. And many Christian men are paralyzed by the guilt and shame that come with repeated failure. Through 5 video lessons, this module will explore the massive problem of sexual sin, put our sexuality in its bigger biblical context, and show you how to experience lasting victory in this important area. We will also talk about how to view godly women as our sisters created in God's image, rather than objects or 'potentials'.

Bryan Stoudt

Bryan Stoudt is a pastor, certified coach and blogger. Over twenty years of ministry, he has focused on mentoring and discipling younger men, in addition to couples counseling with his wife, Sharon.

He has a blog helping Christians pursue Christ, and prepare for - and enjoy - marriages that glorify God, serve others, and bring them joy. He has written for several other sites, including Desiring God.

God has blessed Bryan and his wife with four wonderful kids. In his spare time, he enjoys staying active, roasting coffee, and geeking out on the Philadelphia Eagles, which can be awesome - or depressing - on any given week.

This course hits on a serious foundational epidemic that is taking place with guys of my generation (and beyond). I love the module on lust and pursuing purity, and how it sets out actionable steps in an objective manner. 

mike frascello

I am really impressed with this course. It has all the content a single guy needs. I especially liked how it shows that God is the supreme source of our happiness and satisfaction, and the section on how we view women was eye-opening for me.

Joshua vettel 

Preparing to be a husband, and having a healthy spiritual life, is no simple feat. The work you are doing here is going to help a lot of good men become great men.

Caeden Goering

Here's What You Get When You Buy The            How To Prepare For Marriage Course

How To Prepare For Marriage is an online course. After your purchase, you will be able to log into an online dashboard, where you can access the course material, which consists of:

Video Lessons

With over 25 video lessons, you'll cover the four key pillars of preparing successfully for dating and a healthy, godly marriage.


While the video lessons are a critical starting point, the worksheets help you connect them with your life so that you actually make progress... without getting overwhelmed.

Interaction With Me

You'll have access to me so you can get feedback specific to the problems, challenges and ideas that come up for you as you go throughout the course.

So, What Does It Cost?

During this special introductory period, you can get it at a discount for the prices below. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, too, so you can try it out risk-free.

Get The Best Product For You

course only
  • 26 video lessons
  • worksheets for each lesson
  • interaction with me and other course members


course + 1 coaching session
  • everything from 'course only'
  • plus,  1 private, 45-minute coaching session with me


  • everything from 'course only' 
  • plus, 4 private, 45-minute coaching sessions with me

Go deeper for serious transformation!


Want to go through How To Prepare For Marriage as a group?

Let's talk!

Reach out to me here, and let's start a conversation about cost-effective options for your group's situation.

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Getting ready for dating, and a great marriage, is a journey, not an event. Sign up for How To Prepare For Marriage today, and give yourself a huge head start!

The Best Time to Start Getting Ready For Dating & A Healthy Marriage Is Now!

The journey toward dating and a healthy, godly marriage takes time. The cost of not starting, or not preparing intentionally, is huge. And often felt much later, after bad dating experiences or a difficult marriage. But God doesn't want that for us, and I don't want that for you. You can prepare for dating and marriage with confidence so you know you're ready. Get started by clicking on the button just below.

How To Prepare For Marriage: An Online Video Course For Guys

Know You're Ready To Date, Lead & Marry - A Godly Woman

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What How To Prepare For Marriage

Is - And Is Not

I want to set the right expectations for this course so you're not disappointed. How To Prepare For Marriage is not your usual, run-of-the-mill online course.

This course is NOT...

  • A quick fix or silver bullet. Getting ready to date, and marry, a godly woman is not a formula, checklist, or bunch of easy-to-follow steps or secrets. It's not like you can just watch the videos and plan your wedding a year from now.
  • A passive, information download. Starting with school, we're trained to passively consume information and move on to the next book, podcast or video - without engaging personally with the Lord, or, doing the hard work of application. You can't just watch the videos on your commute to school or work and think you'll receive much benefit.
  • A course on dating, premarital counseling or marriage. Just to be clear, this course isn't about dating and doesn't cover things like how to do online dating well, or, setting physical boundaries with your girlfriend. It's also not for guys who are already engaged or married. (Those things are for other courses!) 

This course IS...

  • All about biblical, foundational principles and practical action steps.  Instead of flashy tips that don't really work, this course covers solid biblical principles and practical actions you take with the Lord and other believers. Over time, they will get you ready to date - and marry - a godly woman. 
  • An interactive journey that will require hard work and transform you. If you lean on the Lord and put in serious (not perfect) effort, you will be a different, more godly man by the end. You will be ready to date, and eventually marry, a godly woman.
  • A course on how to GET READY to date, and marry, a godly woman. This course is laser-focused on helping you, as a Christian man, become the kind of person who is ready to date, lead and marry a godly woman. It's for any Christian guy who's single or currently in a dating relationship.

The Bottom-line

If you're a Christian guy who...

  • is single or in a dating relationship 
  • wants to get ready to date, lead and marry a godly woman, and
  • willing to trust in Christ and put in the hard work

... this course is for you!

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