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Hey guys, Bryan here. Thanks for stopping by to connect.

I’m a pastor, writer and life coach with a passion for helping Christians move toward healthy marriages. Twenty years into my own marriage, I’m realizing that what Sharon (my wife) and I have isn’t entirely normal. We know a ton of people who would like to get married, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. Or, are already married, but feel like they’re treading water.

Some days, we do, too.

But over the years, great mentors – and God’s ridiculous grace – have helped us overcome some rough patches and keep failing in the right direction. Through this blog, I’d like to share what we’ve learned – and are learning – with you.

Of course, part of building a healthy marriage is knowing Christ deeply ourselves. So, I also write a lot about how we can grow in Christ, even when life is crazy and full. Without getting overwhelmed, or following a complicated plan that we’ll probably never do.

I live near Philadelphia and enjoy running (well, the benefits of it), roasting my own coffee, and learning. God has blessed with me an amazing wife, Sharon, and four great kids I don’t deserve.

The Stoudt Family

My family: Matthew, Sharon, Braedon, me, Anna & Carissa

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