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How To Listen Better In A Relationship

‘I did say that earlier,’ my wife said gently. ‘Oh, really… I don’t remember. Sorry.’  I was a little embarrassed… this wasn’t the first time I had practiced selective Tuned OutIn all honesty, I need to learn how to listen better in a relationship. Well, all my relationships, really. And especially in my closest relationships. Too often […]

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Your Favorite Posts Of 2019 (So Far)

Hey everyone, usually I’ve done one of these ‘your favorite posts of the year’ posts by now, but I’m a little behind.  So, let’s fix that right now. 😀 Also, my wife and I have been on sabbatical and we’ve been learning a lot. About God, about ourselves, and our marriage. In the not-too-distant future, […]

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He Is Risen… So Now What?

It’s hard to believe, but just about a week ago, we celebrated Easter.  We went to church, sang about the resurrection, and thought about how it reminds us that, someday, we will be raised to new life, too. Afterwards, many of us had a great meal and spent the day resting with family and friends. […]

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How Anger Can Save Your Marriage

Shoot. Once again, I arrived home late from work. Despite promising – many times – to change. This time, my wife kindly – but clearly – let me know it was starting to annoy her, and called me out. Even though I was wrong, I became defensive. I pulled myself together, but I was angry. Unreasonably angry. Tired after […]

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