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How To Keep Your Marriage Strong And Fresh

‘Our marriage is way beyond that point.’ It was one of those joking-not-joking comments where you know a point is being made, but before you can respond, the conversation moves along. Our friend meant that her marriage was past the place where physical (let alone spiritual intimacy) was still alive and well. She and her husband, though […]

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5 Ways Busyness Is Destroying Your Marriage

Let me start by asking you a tough question. How connected do you feel to your spouse? It may take you a few minutes to answer, but be honest. Really honest. Because your response could be the start of a much-needed awakening, or a serious missed opportunity.  Truth is, for most of us busyness is hurting our […]

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Building Intimacy In Marriage: 6 Steps

You know you’re too busy. That it’s not really sustainable. And, instead of pursuing intimacy in your marriage, your busyness is having the opposite effect. You feel disconnected from each other. Maybe it’s been awhile since you did something special for your spouse. Or, you don’t have any energy to pour into date nights even when […]

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Are You A People Pleaser?

Have you ever known you should say ‘no’ something, but found yourself (reluctantly) saying ‘yes’? Maybe it was a meeting. Or, coffee with someone that wasn’t a great use of the time God has given you. Or maybe it was joining a board, or serving as a volunteer in an organization that isn’t a good fit […]

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How To Listen Better In A Relationship

‘I did say that earlier,’ my wife said gently. ‘Oh, really… I don’t remember. Sorry.’  I was a little embarrassed… this wasn’t the first time I had practiced selective Tuned OutIn all honesty, I need to learn how to listen better in a relationship. Well, all my relationships, really. And especially in my closest relationships. Too often […]

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Your Favorite Posts Of 2019 (So Far)

Hey everyone, usually I’ve done one of these ‘your favorite posts of the year’ posts by now, but I’m a little behind.  So, let’s fix that right now. 😀 Also, my wife and I have been on sabbatical and we’ve been learning a lot. About God, about ourselves, and our marriage. In the not-too-distant future, […]

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