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A Beautiful Mess: Ruth, Christmas & You

Advent is a time of reflection.  On what God did in sending Jesus the first time, and, longing for what He will do when Jesus comes again.   In all honesty, I’ve found my reflection, and prayerful waiting tends to be pretty vague.  I spend a few minutes reading part of ‘the Christmas story’ from Luke […]

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10 Essential Christian Premarital Counseling Topics

So, you’d like to get married.  You’ve heard that premarital counseling during your engagement is a good idea. And it is: couples that pursue premarital counseling have a 30% higher success rate and avoid the most common marriage problems. But not all pre-marriage counseling is created equally.  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it, and many […]

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14 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

“Anyone who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.”     – Author Robert Byrne So today we’re going to talk about something really important to us men.  Sex. More specifically, why your wife doesn’t want sex with you. In fact, research shows clearly what the quote above suggests indirectly: that sex is the […]

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The Coronavirus Show Us Who We Really Are

Hey everyone, I hope each of you are doing – and feeling – well despite the challenges we’re experiencing with the Coronavirus. Today, I’m writing with a quick reflection for you in a small effort to help us profit from this trying time. There are many lessons we could take away, but here’s one that’s smacking me […]

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