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The Coronavirus Show Us Who We Really Are

Hey everyone, I hope each of you are doing – and feeling – well despite the challenges we’re experiencing with the Coronavirus. Today, I’m writing with a quick reflection for you in a small effort to help us profit from this trying time. There are many lessons we could take away, but here’s one that’s smacking me […]

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What About Dating A Non Christian?

‘Well, I’m in a relationship now.’ After over 15 years in ministry to students and young professionals, my wife and I often hear this when we ask how they’re doing.  Our first response is to rejoice, remembering how thrilled we were on our first date.  Very few things in life are more exciting than a […]

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Giving Thanks To God: 3 Practical Ways

Giving thanks to God is one of the most important things anyone can do. But it doesn’t come naturally if we’re honest. Just yesterday, for example, I caught myself grousing continually over every little thing that didn’t go my way. Silly things like dropping something off my desk, getting stopped at a traffic light, and someone […]

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Is Masturbation A Sin? (7 Probing Questions)

Masturbation.  Christians don’t talk about it nearly enough. When we do, the conversation usually turns toward this ultimate question: ‘Is masturbation a sin – or not?’ Sometimes, the question is sincere. Coming from a heart that deeply wants to honor God, a heart that’s struggling with a confusing, practical issue. Other times, the questioner is hoping […]

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