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Spiritual Self-Assessment

This is not meant to be a scientifically-valid assessment. 😉 It's simply a series of guided questions that will begin to help you reflect on how you're doing in some foundational areas that relate to your journey with God. 

If the assessment reveals areas you'd like to grow, I hope you won't come away feeling discouraged. God only points out our weaknesses and shortcomings to help us move toward him. #grace

Your relationship With God

  • What are the biggest challenges in your walk with God right now? (Be specific.)
  • On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (closer than ever), how close do you feel to God right now? Why do you feel that way?
  • If you read (or listen to) the bible, or pray, what does that look like? 
  • How much time do you tend to spend on these things? Is that where you'd like to end up, or, would you like to give more time to them?
  • We talked about emphasizing quality over quantity in our time with God. How would you describe the quality of time in bible reading and prayer right now. 
  • We also talked about giving your 'best discretionary time' to bible reading and prayer. That's the time you have control over (not classes, rotations, etc.) and feel most alert. What is your best discretionary time?


  • Do you typically view your studies as part of your relationship with God? Why or why not?
  • What practical difference would it make if you increasingly viewed them that way?

Christian Community

  • Do you regularly attend a local church? Why or why not?
  • If you do attend a local church, does anyone really know you there? How would forming real relationships with a church leader and/or others there help you in your walk with God?
  • If you don't have an older, Christian mentor in healthcare, who are some options? 
  • Do you have any transparent relationships with other Christians in your program? Or, at least at the same school? 
  • Who are some family members and/or friends who could come alongside you in your faith journey?


  • How does God becoming one of us in Christ shape your calling to healthcare?
  • Where are you serving sacrificially in your life right now?
  • If you're not, what are some options for a small beginning? (We talked about a local church, your CMDA chapter, a local clinic or your community, but there may well be others.)

Moving Forward: Where Would You Like To Start?

Now that you've got a feel for where you are in each of these key areas, you have 3 options:

  1. Try to fix all the stuff you need to work on, all at once.
  2. Get overwhelmed and do nothing.
  3. Remember you're smart, and take a small, clear step or two forward. ☑️

I'm glad you chose Option 3.

You have a ton of freedom, but here's my suggestion for a simple plan that will help you make progress.

  1.  Choose something from the 'your relationship with the Lord' category. That's most important because God is your most important relationship. If you make progress here, that can give you momentum and jumpstart the other areas, too.
  2. Choose a small step from one of the other categories.
  3.  Tell a friend who's following Jesus about your plan, and ask him/her to come alongside you for support, encouragement and prayer.

Resources For Your Journey

  • CMDA Websites: National and Local (Metro Phoenix)
  • CMDA app (also easiest way to join CMDA): Android & iOS
  • Other student resources from CMDA (podcast, resource portal, etc.): student resource page
  • To view a copy of the presentation on CMDA and your faith journey, go here.

If you have questions, prayer requests or ideas for how I can serve you, reach out to me at I'd love to connect with you!

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