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Biblical Dating 

Dating - let alone biblical dating - can be incredibly challenging. These articles and resources are hand-selected to get you started.

biblical dating guide

Assess The Health Of Your Relationship

You've waited a long time, and you're finally dating someone. (Congratulations!) But is your relationship healthy, and will it lead to a godly marriage? Find out with this short, free guide.

Bryan has mentored my now-husband and I from singleness all the way through our first year of marriage. We never felt like passive students—more like active participants in building a relationship that glorified God, with an experienced and invested counselor as our guide.

Jason & Ann

There is no shortage of resources on marriage these days. The beauty of this resource is its ability to concisely guide counselors and couples through the essential questions.  I look forward to using it!

Dave Harr


Dave Harr

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